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68632Problem with --remote-expr and error checking

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  • Андрей Радев
    Mar 9, 2013
      While trying to evaluate commands on a remote server and get their
      output, I've ran into a problem with error checking -- it seems like
      with remote-expr there's no error-checking at all.

      The simplest example I can think of is this (gist:

      function! Test()
      exe "frobble"
      return 1
      return 2

      If I open a Vim with `vim --servername FOO` and :source this file,
      executing `:echo Test()` results in 2, since there is no "frobble"
      command. However, if I then try `vim --servername FOO --remote-expr
      'Test()'`, I get 1. I tried avoiding try/catch and using `v:errmsg`
      instead, but that variable is also not set to the last error if the
      function is invoked with `--remote-expr`.

      For now, I'm working around this issue by using `--remote-send` to
      type in a function, which evaluates the expression and sticks the
      result in a global variable, and then `--remote-expr` to get the value
      of the global variable. I'd really like to avoid this, though, since
      it causes some other problems. Is this a known limitation or a bug? Is
      there any other way for me to get error messages?

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