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68607Re: [patch] test55 may fail if lang isn't C

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  • Yukihiro Nakadaira
    Mar 7, 2013
      On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 10:51 PM, Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> wrote:

      Ken Takata wrote:

      > The test55 may fail if lang isn't C, because the E737 message is translated.
      > Here is an example.
      > (Vim 7.3.843 with old runtime files of 7.3.000)
      > $ LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 make test55.out
      > rm -rf test55.failed test.ok test.out X* viminfo
      > cp test55.ok test.ok
      > # Sleep a moment to avoid that the xterm title is messed up
      > ../vim -u unix.vim -U NONE --noplugin -s dotest.in test55.in
      > # For flaky tests retry one time.
      > # Check if the test.out file matches test.ok.
      > 18c18
      > < Vim(call):E737: ?          <- A broken char is shown.
      > ---
      > > Vim(call):E737: 3
      > 116c116
      > < Vim(call):E737: ?          <- A broken char is shown.
      > ---
      > > Vim(call):E737: a
      > rm -rf X* test.ok viminfo
      > Attached patch fixes this problem.

      Thanks.  Somehow I didn't manage to reproduce the problem, looks like my
      locale setup isn't right...

      This problem is happend with old japanese .po file.

      en: "E737: Key already exists: %s"
      ja: "E737: %s というキーは既に存在します"

      "%s" is not placed at end in Japanese text.
      So in test55, the following expression returns wrong text.

      :$put =v:exception[:15] . v:exception[-1:-1]

      Yukihiro Nakadaira - yukihiro.nakadaira@...

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