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68564Patch: Make :vimgrep // * reuse the last search pattern

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  • glts
    Mar 5, 2013
      The commands :s//string/, :g//, and :sort // all use the last search
      pattern when an empty pattern is given. :vimgrep // *, however, does

      The attached patch makes :vimgrep // * behave like the other search


      Trying and refining a search pattern and then using it with :s//string/
      and :g// is a common editing pattern in Vim. But this doesn't work with
      :vimgrep. Surprisingly, :vimgrep // * matches *everywhere*.

      Why does it match everywhere? Regdump() output shows that "//" is
      compiled to the following regexp:


      All Vim puts in the compiled regexp program is a zero-width NOTHING
      atom. NOTHING doesn't assert anything and matches the empty string, i.e.
      everywhere (like :vimgrep /\ze/ *).

      As far as I am aware, this behaviour is not documented. At least for
      :vimgrep it doesn't serve any purpose. (In fact, I can't think of any
      situation where a completely empty regexp would be appropriate.)

      The attached patch makes :vimgrep reuse the last search pattern, in the
      same way :g and :s do (and :sort).

      David B├╝rgin

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