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68553Patch: Error message when pattern not found in :g/re/

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  • glts
    Mar 4, 2013
      This patch fixes the following item from the todo list:

      8 ":g//" gives "Pattern not found error" with E486. Should not
      use the error number, it's not a regular error message.

      On the contrary, an error message with error highlighting *should* be
      output to be consistent with the other search commands. The other search
      commands all give an error message with error code in this situation:

      /nil<CR> E486: Pattern not found ...
      :s/nil/ E486: Pattern not found ...
      :/nil/,/nil/g/re/p E486: Pattern not found ...
      :vimgrep /nil/ * E480: No match ...
      :tag nil E426: tag not found ...

      The attached patch fixes this inconsistency.

      David B├╝rgin

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