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68531Re: system() break clipboard text.

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Mar 1, 2013
      Hi Bram!

      On Fr, 01 Mär 2013, Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      > > In the gui, it seems, I get always garbage, since the for some reason I
      > > think nothing is stored into the clipboard and therefore Vim tries to
      > > restore the info from the CUT_BUFFER0, which can only hold latin1
      > > encoded data and it breaks here. I tried uncommenting
      > > clip_mch_lose_selection() in gui_gtk_x11.c and this seems to work, but I
      > > am not really sure (could be, that this relies on some clipboard manager
      > > to work) this is right.
      > If we can't do it right it's better to not set the clipboard.

      I would even say don't save the selection in the CUT_BUFFER0 at all or
      only when the clipboard doesn't contain multibyte characters.

      I am not sure, when the bug at clip_mch_lose_selection() occured, but I
      think we could even enable it again. Nowadays a clipboard manager is
      running often enough so that the data can then be stored in it and
      correctly restored when querying the clipboard again.

      Does the clipboard corruption actually also occur on Windows?

      > We have to be careful not to own the selection when we are waiting for
      > an external command to finish, it would block the application that
      > requests the text.

      Yeah, but that seems not necessary for system() call, since that call
      blocks vim anyway and the user doesn't see any feedback, while system()
      is running. Nevertheless it is necessary for using :sh or :! commands.

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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