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68509Re: Issue 115 in vim: Vim Macro to generate ASCII characters

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    Feb 27, 2013
      Comment #13 on issue 115 by fritzoph...@...: Vim Macro to generate
      ASCII characters

      I finally reproduced the issue, using the keypad like you discovered; so
      although you still didn't explain, it's probably not important at this
      point what you didn't see.

      I certainly would not expect this behavior, but I actually think I know the
      cause. I suspect it's because Vim actually distinguishes between 1 and
      <k1>, 2 and <k2>, etc. keys to allow mapping them differently. So the macro
      contains special escape sequences for the keypad keys which aren't present
      when using normal numerics.

      To demonstrate the difference, try the following:


      Both these macros do the same thing when executed. Both will make a new
      line with text, 123. But now examine the register contents:

      :reg a
      :reg b

      For me at least, on Windows gvim, they are drastically different!

      Not all systems actually send Vim a different sequence for the keypad keys;
      on these systems, 1 and <k1> are not separately mappable.

      I think this will only pop up when somebody tries using a recorded macro
      both as a recording and as text for insertion and manipulation. I'm not
      sure whether it's possible to fix without breaking the separate mapping
      capability of the keypad, or even if there is something to fix at all.

      A person who wrote the macro in the first place would know what they were
      trying to accomplish at each step in the macro. When they pasted the
      contents of the unnamed register, hoping to get a numeric value which could
      then be incremented, if they saw the special escape sequences, they would
      immediately know something was wrong. I don't actually think there is
      anything to fix here, unless it's just seen as another place Vim's internal
      representation of special keys causes weird behavior.

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