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68434Re: Automatic scrollbar causes column growth

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  • Michael Henry
    Feb 24, 2013
      On 02/23/2013 07:16 PM, John Little wrote:
      > On Sunday, February 24, 2013 2:15:47 AM UTC+13, Michael Henry wrote:
      >> Each time the spacebar is pressed, the value of 'columns' will be
      >> displayed at four points in time.
      > My vim 7.3.820 on Kubuntu misbehaves much more than yours.
      > All I have to do is press the space bar once, then away it
      > goes, getting wider and wider, a little unsteadily, till it
      > reaches the width of my display, 237, where it bounces
      > erratically between 237 and 238.
      > If I change the map to noremap, or map a key not used in the
      > mapping, the looping does not occur, and gvim's behaviour
      > becomes predictable, in that the columns always go up by 1 in
      > the fourth number.

      It sounds like you've got a stray space character at the end of
      the :map command. I can replicate your results if I put a
      trailing space after the <CR>. I should have used :nnoremap
      instead of :map to avoid this kind of problem.

      > Now clearly gvim is looping for me with a
      > recursive map, which shouldn't happen, because :map mappings
      > don't apply on the command line, :map! ones do.

      I think this is explained by the fact that Vim goes back to
      normal mode after executing the ``:call TestColumns()<CR>`` part
      of the mapping.

      > If I start gvim -u NONE -N, and run :wincmd v then :wincmd o,
      > the window size doesn't increase. But :wincmd v | windcmd o
      > increases the width by one.

      Yes, there is definitely a timing component to this, which is
      why it fails only some of the time for me.

      Thanks for the verification. With a timing-dependent problem,
      it's not always a given that everyone can replicate it.

      Michael Henry

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