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68426Bug win32 gui: window position is changed when invoking :vert under certain conditions

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  • lith
    Feb 23, 2013

      I sometimes use gvim 7.3 @ win7 (64 bit). When I move the gvim window by means of the <windows-key + left/right> key combination to the left or right half of the screen, it seems gvim doesn't properly notice this change. When I invoke any command with :vert prepended (e.g. :vert split), gvim moves the gvim window back to the previous position on the screen.

      1. Open gvim -> gvim window opens at position #1
      2. Press <windows-left> -> gvim window is moved to the left (position #2)
      3. Type :vert split

      Result: The gvim window is back at position #1.

      This problem seems to affect only the win gui. At least with gnome/gtk everything seems ok.


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