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68376Re: [bugreport] libcall() cannot access envrionment variable set by vim

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  • mattn
    Feb 20, 2013
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      On Wednesday, February 20, 2013 12:06:05 AM UTC+9, Jian wrote:
      > According to MSDN, GetDOSEnvironment is 16bit-windows API and does not exist on 32bit-windows. I tried GetEnvironmentVariable() in my DLL but it still does not work.

      I make sure this.

      created dll with:

      === foo.c
      char* foo(const char* name) {
      return getenv(name);

      gcc -shared -o foo.dll foo.c

      === foo.vim
      let s:libfile = substitute(expand('<sfile>'), '.vim$', (has('win32')||has('win64'))?'.dll':'.so', '')
      let $FOO=localtime()
      echo libcall(s:libfile, "foo", "FOO")

      And :so % on foo.vim

      I get correct values. Probably, your dll is not depend on same msvcrt.dll which vim is used.

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