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68353Re: Can't build with Perl using Make_ming.mak any more

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  • Christian J. Robinson
    Feb 18, 2013
      I'm "bumping" this in the hopes that someone can help me. I'd really
      like to get this to build again, as I'm still stuck on patchlevel 804
      under Windows.

      On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 12:44 PM, Christian J. Robinson
      <heptite@...> wrote:
      > I think one of the patches since 804 has broken something, because I can't
      > get a working gvim with Perl using Make_ming.mak--it fails during linking:
      > i686-pc-mingw32-gcc -Iproto -DWIN32 -DWINVER=0x0500 -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0500
      > -pipe -w -march=i386 -Wall -I/cygdrive/c/strawberry/perl/lib/Core
      > -DFEAT_PERL -L/cygdrive/c/strawberry/perl/lib/Core -DDYNAMIC_PERL
      > -DDYNAMIC_PERL_DLL=\"perl512.dll\" -DFEAT_RUBY -I
      > /cygdrive/c/Ruby193/lib/ruby/1.9.1/i386-mingw32 -I
      > /cygdrive/c/Ruby193/include/ruby-1.9.1 -I
      > /cygdrive/c/Ruby193/include/ruby-1.9.1/i386-mingw32 -DDYNAMIC_RUBY
      > -DDYNAMIC_RUBY_DLL=\"msvcrt-ruby191.dll\" -DDYNAMIC_RUBY_VER=191
      > -DFEAT_PYTHON -DDYNAMIC_PYTHON -DFEAT_XPM_W32 -I xpm/x86/include -I
      > xpm/x86/../include -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -freg-struct-return -s -mwindows
      > -o gvim.exe gobji386/blowfish.o gobji386/buffer.o gobji386/charset.o
      > gobji386/diff.o gobji386/digraph.o gobji386/edit.o gobji386/eval.o
      > gobji386/ex_cmds.o gobji386/ex_cmds2.o gobji386/ex_docmd.o
      > gobji386/ex_eval.o gobji386/ex_getln.o gobji386/fileio.o gobji386/fold.o
      > gobji386/getchar.o gobji386/hardcopy.o gobji386/hashtab.o gobji386/main.o
      > gobji386/mark.o gobji386/memfile.o gobji386/memline.o gobji386/menu.o
      > gobji386/message.o gobji386/misc1.o gobji386/misc2.o gobji386/move.o
      > gobji386/mbyte.o gobji386/normal.o gobji386/ops.o gobji386/option.o
      > gobji386/os_win32.o gobji386/os_mswin.o gobji386/pathdef.o
      > gobji386/popupmnu.o gobji386/quickfix.o gobji386/regexp.o
      > gobji386/screen.o gobji386/search.o gobji386/sha256.o gobji386/spell.o
      > gobji386/syntax.o gobji386/tag.o gobji386/term.o gobji386/ui.o
      > gobji386/undo.o gobji386/version.o gobji386/vimrc.o gobji386/window.o
      > gobji386/if_perl.o gobji386/if_python.o gobji386/if_ruby.o
      > gobji386/if_cscope.o gobji386/netbeans.o gobji386/xpm_w32.o gobji386/gui.o
      > gobji386/gui_w32.o gobji386/gui_beval.o gobji386/os_w32exe.o
      > gobji386/if_ole.o -lkernel32 -luser32 -lgdi32 -ladvapi32 -lcomdlg32
      > -lcomctl32 -lversion -lwsock32 -L xpm/x86/lib -lXpm -loleaut32 -Wl,-Bstatic
      > -lstdc++ -Wl,-Bdynamic -lole32 -luuid
      > gobji386/buffer.o:buffer.c:(.text+0x10aa): undefined reference to
      > `_perl_buf_free'
      > gobji386/buffer.o:buffer.c:(.text+0x14b3): undefined reference to
      > `_perl_buf_free'
      > gobji386/buffer.o:buffer.c:(.text+0x1afd): undefined reference to
      > `_perl_buf_free'
      > gobji386/eval.o:eval.c:(.text+0x5371): undefined reference to
      > `_perl_enabled'
      > gobji386/ex_docmd.o:ex_docmd.c:(.rdata+0x3c5c): undefined reference to
      > `_ex_perl'
      > gobji386/ex_docmd.o:ex_docmd.c:(.rdata+0x3c68): undefined reference to
      > `_ex_perldo'
      > gobji386/main.o:main.c:(.text+0x3799): undefined reference to `_perl_end'
      > gobji386/window.o:window.c:(.text+0x4da): undefined reference to
      > `_perl_win_free'
      > collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
      > Make_ming.mak:683: recipe for target `gvim.exe' failed
      > make: *** [gvim.exe] Error 1

      Christian J. Robinson <heptite@...>

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