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68285Re: [bug] with regular expression and SEARCH_START flag

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 16, 2013
      Christian Brabandt wrote:

      > I think I've found a bug with the regular expression engine:
      > ~$ vim -u NONE -N
      > :$put ='foobar'
      > :$put =''
      > :$put =''
      > :/foobar/
      > :call search('foobar', 'c')
      > " Note how the cursor /does not/ move
      > :+
      > :call search('^$', 'c')
      > " Note, that the cursor /moves/ one line down, although the 'c' flag is
      > " given and so the cursor should stay in its actual position
      > :call search('^$', 'bc')
      > " Note, that when searching backwards, the cursor /does not/ move as
      > " expected.
      > Sorry for this brief explanation. I hope, you see the problem.
      > I am kind of busy currently, so I can't provide a detailed bug report or
      > a patch.

      I can reproduce it. I hope you can find a fix when you are not busy.

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