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68282Issue 109 in vim: src/Make_mvc.mak fails for quoted values of SDK_INCLUDE_DIR

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    Feb 16, 2013
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      New issue 109 by bland...@...: src/Make_mvc.mak fails for quoted
      values of SDK_INCLUDE_DIR

      using msvs 2012 express for desktop
      nmake version 11.00.51106.1

      while following the instructions on lines 18-19 of src/Make_mvc.mak causes
      nmake to complain and result in a fatal error. i eventually found putting
      quotes in the var SDK_INCLUDE_DIR to be the culprit.

      e:\projects\vim\src>set SDK_INCLUDE_DIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft

      removing the quotes enables everything to work fine but feels a little
      scary. an alternative is to make use of nmake's INCLUDE macro:


      then use angle brackets as usual:

      !include <Win32.mak>

      this works great but the INCLUDE macro will also need to be updated in
      GvimExt Makefile as well if it is desired to build GvimExt on its own and
      that could result in some weirdness since you'll be duplicating the
      SDK_INCLUDE_DIR in nmakes INCLUDE paths.

      attached is a diff with these changes to the makefiles and including an
      additional .bat for setting the msvs 2012 environment.

      msvs_2012_makefile_updates.diff 1.1 KB

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