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68214Re: command line mappings in wildmenu

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Feb 13, 2013
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      Hi clime!

      On Mi, 13 Feb 2013, clime wrote:

      > With respect to this thread on so:
      > http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14842987/vim-wildmenu-move-into-subdirectory-with-a-different-key-than-down
      > It seems like command-line mappings aren't interpreted in wildmenu
      > mode, and instead exit it and insert the 'wildchar' literally.
      > Would it be possible to interpret these mappings and potentially add
      > wildmenuvisible() - a function analog to the pumvisible()?

      Looks like a bug to me. However, I think, if you set wildcharm=<Tab> you
      can make your mapping work:

      :set wildcharm=<Tab>
      :cnoremap <C-j> <DOWN><Tab>

      I agree, this is not really useful, without a wildmodevisual() function,
      so you could do:
      :cnoremap <expr> <C-j> wildmodevisible() ? "\<Down>\<Tab>" : "\<c-j>"

      Attached patch enables this. Probably needs a test, but not sure how.

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