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68049Re: unwated subMenu/XmCascaseButton messages

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  • Charles Campbell
    Feb 5, 2013
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      Dominique Pellé wrote:
      > Charles Campbell wrote:
      >> Hello!
      >> I upgraded from 784 to 798 -- (and am doing without gtk, so I'm using the
      >> motif).
      >> What should I do to eliminate the following two messages that I get when I
      >> fire up vim:
      >> Warning:
      >> Name: subMenu
      >> Class: XmCascadeButton
      >> Illegal mnemonic character; Could not convert X KEYSYM to a keycode
      >> Warning:
      >> Name: subMenu
      >> Class: XmCascadeButton
      >> Illegal mnemonic character; Could not convert X KEYSYM to a keycode
      >> I'm getting these with
      >> vim -u NONE -g
      >> Thank you,
      >> Chip Campbell
      > Hi Charles
      > Perhaps you are building Vim with the Lesstif library.
      > Lesstif does not implement everything present in Motif.
      > Perhaps that's the cause of those messages (not sure).
      > Motif was a proprietary library for a long time (hence
      > the free alternative Lesstif) but Motif is now LGPL. Your
      > Linux distribution may have packages for Motif which
      > can supersede Lesstif. At least Ubuntu has packages for
      > either Lesstif or Motif. I don't know about Scientific Linux.
      > But anyway, both Lesstif or Motif are rather old and quite
      > buggy in my opinion, due to poor type checking in the APIs
      > and badly documented memory management causing leaks
      > in many Motif GUIs. It also predates Unicode so I don't
      > think that Lesstif or Motif Vim GUI support Unicode among
      > other things. You'd be better with the gtk2 GUI.
      Unfortunately I cannot get vim to compile with gtk2. I've taken the
      trouble to remove all gtk2 (and things that depended on it) and
      re-installed it, and still configure won't let vim compile with gtk2
      yum -y remove gtk2.x86_64
      (then re-installed gtk2 and re-installed all 388 packages depending on

      As for Motif...

      cec/ xorn? yum -y install openmotif.x86_64
      Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
      Setting up Install Process
      Package openmotif-2.3.3-4.el6.x86_64 already installed and latest version
      Nothing to do

      So I'm a bit stuck, it seems. I suppose I could redirect (2>/dev/null)
      vim's stderr output -- that at least removes the noise.

      Charles Campbell

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