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68030Re: [patch] Limit window size on all platforms when setting lines/columns

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  • Daniel Harding
    Feb 3, 2013
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > > Daniel Harding wrote:
      >> >> The attached patch is a follow-up to patch 7.3.117 (Problem: When
      >> >> changing the font size, only MS-Windows limits the window size.
      >> >> Solution: Also limit the window size on other systems. (Roland
      >> >> Puntaier)). That patch fixed the problem that on non-MS-Windows
      >> >> systems, increasing the font size could cause the gVim window to grow
      >> >> larger than the physical screen.
      >> >>
      >> >> A similar problem exists on non-MS-Windows systems when setting
      lines or
      >> >> columns. According to the documentation for 'lines' ( or 'columns'),
      >> >> "Vim limits the number of lines [columns] to what fits on the
      >> >> This is true on MS-Windows, but not true on other systems (in my
      >> >> Linux). The attached patch makes the behavior consistent with the
      >> >> documentation on all systems.
      > >
      > > Does this work correctly when Vim stretches over more than one monitor?

      I'll try to do some testing this week (likely won't be before Tuesday).
      Don't know how easily I'll be able to test the multiple monitor
      scenario under Linux though, because I run Windows as my primary system
      with Linux under VirtualBox. I'll do what I can, however, and get back
      with you. (If there are any issues, they would also be present with
      patch 7.3.117).


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