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68028Re: New feature: absolute line number in relativenumber for the current line

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  • Nazri Ramliy
    Feb 3, 2013
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      On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 7:18 PM, Nazri Ramliy <ayiehere@...> wrote:
      > The patch do not include Christian's fix for the problem
      > reported by Fran├žois Ingelrest.

      Attached is the updated (and less buggy) toy patch that include
      Christian's fix and test89, and also test90 for testing the
      new option 'linenumber'.

      What the patch does is mirror the options 'number' and
      'relativenumber' into a single option 'linenumber', which is
      a string option.

      To avoid expensive strcmps when checking for the value 'linenumber'
      when drawing the line numbers I mirror it using an integer
      option 'linenumberstyle' (w_p_lnrsty).

      On one hand the patch simplifies tests like this:

      i = (wp->w_p_nu || wp->w_p_rnu) ? number_width(wp) : 0;


      i = (wp->w_p_lnrsty != LNR_NONE) ? number_width(wp) : 0;

      but on the other hand it seems to complicate things by
      having multiple variables representing the same stuff :-/

      Hence I'm still calling it a toy patch.


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