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67913Re: [PATCH] Gui colorschemes in terminal

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  • ZyX
    Jan 27, 2013
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      > I suggest you do not send a diff in the body. Just a unified diff in
      > the attachment will do.
      > Also, you do not really need to include the diff for src/auto/configure.
      > If you do, please use the same version of autoconf, otherwise we get all
      > these irrelevant differences.

      “make autoconf” does not support specfying exact version, and due to the location of configure script autoconf-wrapper fails to guess the correct version.

      And with the following patch:

      diff -r dd91804ae7ec src/Makefile
      --- a/src/Makefile Sun Jan 27 04:43:03 2013 +0400
      +++ b/src/Makefile Mon Jan 28 07:56:26 2013 +0400
      @@ -1697,7 +1697,7 @@
      # - Uses ">config.log" instead of "./config.log".
      if test ! -f configure.save; then mv configure configure.save; fi
      - autoconf
      + WANT_AUTOCONF="2.1" autoconf
      sed -e 's+>config.log+>auto/config.log+' -e 's+\./config.log+auto/config.log+' configure > auto/configure
      chmod 755 auto/configure
      mv -f configure.save configure

      it just fails with

      autoconf: Undefined macros:
      configure.in:1007: AC_MSG_RESULT(too old)

      (and a big bunch of complains about further AC_MSG_RESULT and AC_MSG_ERROR). Autoconf version is 2.13 in this case.

      It fails on upstream, not only on my changes.

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