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67735Re: Issue 103 in vim: Python thread are not running in background

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    Jan 16, 2013
      Comment #10 on issue 103 by degu...@...: Python thread are not
      running in background

      Hum, I'm wondering whether the GIL is not taken too much time.

      If we read the description of PyEval_InitThreads(), it says "it is
      guaranteed that the lock has been created and that the calling thread has
      acquired it". Calling PyGILState_Ensure() also takes the GIL. Which means
      that at init time, the GIL is taken 2 times, but only released once in
      if_python.c:767 (by calling Python_SaveThread()). Since the GIL is never
      released, that would explain why the background threads are not allowed to

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