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67659:normal stops execution when cursor can't be moved

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  • Mohammed Chelouti
    Jan 3, 2013
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      I have found an unexpected behaviour in the normal command and I am not sure
      if it is a bug or just not explicitly mentioned in the help.

      Consider the following file (# depicts the cursor):

      1 foo
      2 #bar
      3 zab

      Now enter :norm! ddkP, the file should now look like this.

      1 #bar
      2 foo
      3 zab

      So far so good, execute the same command once more. Result:

      1 #foo
      2 zab

      The first line was removed but not inserted; this doesn't happen when
      executing ddkP manually. The help file says that :normal stops on errors but
      is it an error when the cursor just can't move one line up?

      I don't know what behaviour was intended, but I think it should either be
      considered a bug or there should be an explicit hint in the help.

      Best regards,

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