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67654Re: Collection issue: backslash after dash

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  • Gary Johnson
    Jan 4, 2013
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      On 2013-01-04, martinwguy wrote:
      > On 4 January 2013 14:34, Andy Wokula wrote:
      > > Am 03.01.2013 09:51, schrieb martinwguy:
      > >>> Is it a bug that '\' after '-' in a collection is taken literally?
      > >> No, that's normal vi behaviour.
      > > The context is Vim, not Vi:
      > > :set nocp cpo&vim
      > Er, I thought vim was a reimplementation of vi.

      It is. To a point. See

      :help design-compatible
      :help vi-differences

      > >> \ is not special in a character range (it stands for itself) and to
      > >> include ] you need to specify it as the first character in the range.
      > >
      > > Even with set 'cp', `\]' is still special. See:
      > > :h cpo-\
      > Mmm, sorry, I don't know what :se cp/nocp is.

      :help 'cp'

      > > Do you actually use Vi?
      > Hum, it sounds like you're putting your fists up. Bad sign.
      > Yes, since 1982 for all my work. I am also the maintainer for another
      > vi clone, "xvi".
      > Is that enough for you?

      There are a couple of ways that question could be read. I think
      Andy meant it as, "Do you use vi and not Vim?", and I think you
      took it as, "Do you know how to use vi?"


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