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67547Re: Issue 99 in vim: Feature: Extended regular expressions

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  • Mike Morearty
    Dec 17 9:08 AM
      On Tuesday, December 11, 2012 4:55:50 PM UTC-8, v...@... wrote:
      > Status: New
      > Owner: ----
      > Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium
      > New issue 99 by m...@...: Feature: Extended regular expressions
      > http://code.google.com/p/vim/issues/detail?id=99

      Hi, I just wanted to follow up on this feature patch. There has been no discussion or response of any kind, and I just wanted to make sure I did it right. If it's simply a matter of people having more important things they need to get to first, then that's fine.

      This patch adds extended regular expression support to Vim. I added it to the bugbase on code.google.com, and that got auto-forwarded to this mailing list. Is that the right way for me to suggest a feature and offer a patch?

      Thanks! - Mike Morearty <mike@...>

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