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67462Re: [patch] Add a 'modifier' keyword to the :syntax commands, allowing syntax matches to stack.

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  • Ben Fritz
    Dec 6, 2012
      On Wednesday, December 5, 2012 10:47:42 PM UTC-6, So8res wrote:
      > Oops, sorry, I was misunderstanding how synID* worked.
      > I've updated the patch to add the "combine" {what} to synIDattr, which is the bare minimum we need here.
      > synID should definitely return only one ID in this case, both because we don't want to duplicate synstack and because it's the only way to get interoperability with the extended links patch.
      > I'm still not sure how best to deal with synIDattr. How would you feel about adding a [, {flatten}] argument to it that flattens out the stack before checking the attr (analagous to [, {trans}] in synID)?

      I like that idea, but in order for it to work it would need a row+col because the attributes for combined items depend on what they are combined with which depends on where in the document you are.

      So I guess I could get the attrs flattened always at a particular row and column, then if the "combine" item shows that at least one item in the flattened view is a combining syntax item, look at the syntax stack for the names used.

      The problem I see is in detecting two regions side-by-side with the same top-level (combining) syntax item but different underlying syntax stacks which therefore need different highlighting. I'd like to do this without checking the entire stack for every character in the document which I believe will be much slower than otherwise. I suppose I could keep a list of synIDs which combine and only check the stack for those but I'd still like a faster method.

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