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67438Re: [doc] align columns when :set conceallevel=2

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  • Ken Takata
    Dec 5, 2012

      2012/06/03 Sun 22:38:35 UTC+9 Ken Takata:
      > Hi Bram and Dominique,
      > > So please hold this patch until the Tab behavior is changed. Then we at
      > > least know what to change.
      > OK, I will wait the change of the Tab behavior.
      > If I found misalignments after the change, I will send a new patch.
      > E.g. +feature-list (various.txt) isn't aligned when either cole=0 nor cole=2.

      I think it's ready to update my patch because the Tab behavior is
      changed in 7.3.748.
      Here is an updated patch.

      Best regards,
      Ken Takata

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