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67392Re: [patch] Allow 'highlight' command to add to existing terminal attributes.

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  • So8res
    Dec 2, 2012
      Unfortunately, this doesn't address my StackOverflow question entirely, nor does it make it possible to avoid the workaround mentioned.

      This patch allows you to update a single highlight group, but it does not allow you to create a modifier highlight group. In other words, if you have

      highlight Italic cterm=italic
      highlight Bold cterm+=bold

      then even if you match 'Bold' inside 'Italic' you only get the 'Bold' highlighting, not a combination of the two.

      I'd like to add a new highlight type of the form

      highlight modifier Bold cterm=bold

      which (in this example) would continue highlighting with the previous matchgroup but *add* the bold terminal attribute.

      This feature is a bit more involved than the above patch -- Bram, would you accept such a feature? I don't want to waste my efforts.

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