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67382Re: Netrw failure with latest Vim

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  • Charles E Campbell
    Dec 1 8:28 PM
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      John Little wrote:
      >> John Little wrote:
      >>> I downloaded netrw 147b from
      >>> http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/index.html#NETRW
      >>> but it didn't work at all, "home/john/" was prepended to every filename, note no leading "/" (yes, my home directory is /home/john).
      > and DrChip replied:
      >> I haven't been able to duplicate this behavior. Any hints? (like netrw
      >> settings, etc?)
      > Does it with vim -u NONE -N, :runtime plugin/netrwPlugin.vim, :E, whether installed to ~/.vim or $VIMRUNTIME. v146 is ok.
      I tried it with the commands you gave above; I'm afraid that its still
      "it worked for me". Try :set verbose=20 before you do the :runtime
      command and see if netrwPlugin.vim actually gets loaded (without running
      into the finish).

      Chip Campbell

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