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67217Re: Functions with [range] do not preserve the cursor line

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  • Andy Wokula
    Nov 22, 2012
      Am 22.11.2012 07:27, schrieb Christian Brabandt:
      > On Thu, November 22, 2012 04:42, Nate Soares wrote:
      >> Here's a patch that adds the "stay" argument to the :function command.
      >> Thoughts?
      > That is nice.
      > ,----[ :h todo.txt ]-
      > | ":function f(x) keepjumps" creates a function where every command is
      > | executed like it has ":keepjumps" before it.
      > `----
      > I wonder, if one should combine the keepjumps and stay functions into one
      > special argument or make 2 of it.


      E.g. you want to make a change at the cursor position and
      take [range] lines into account to compute the change.
      And you don't want :keepjumps for it.

      Even without use case:
      "Sooner or later, everyone wants everything as an option."
      The new `stay' argument is an example for it!
      So, `no' again ^^.


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