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67199Re: Update for MzScheme interface

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  • Tim Brown
    Nov 21 1:41 AM

      On 21 Nov 2012 04:17, "Sergey Khorev" <sergey.khorev@gmail.com> wrote:

      > Bram wrote:
      > > I do not think it's guaranteed one can recover from a SIGSEGV.  Or that
      > > you always get a SIGSEGV when accessing memory that doesn't exist,
      > > e.g. when running valgrind.  Thus that's a problem in MzScheme.
      > Beside reference counting, there are lots of different GC algorithms.
      > Actually even Boehm GC may use SIGSEGV when traversing memory.

      I can vouch for that. The Solaris memory debugging tools have to be told to ignore SEGV when using the Boehm GC, which apparently use this mechanism, and recovers from it every time... (otherwise it signals on pretty well the first mallocation - busting the tools).


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