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67178Re: Update for MzScheme interface

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  • Sergey Khorev
    Nov 20, 2012

      > I have a problem building with the MzScheme interface on a newly updated
      > Ubuntu 12.10 system. The errors are:
      > /home/mool/vim/vim73/src/if_mzsch.c|632 col 3| error: #error MzScheme 4.x must include mzscheme_base.c, for MinGW32 you need to define MZSCHEME_GENERATE_BASE=yes
      > || if_mzsch.c: In function ‘startup_mzscheme’:

      Have you run make autoconf? I didn't include rebuilt auto/configure
      because my version of autoconf is older than yours.

      > This looks weird:

      > -#ifdef SIGSEGV
      > +#if defined(SIGSEGV) && !defined(FEAT_MZSCHEME)
      > + /* MzScheme uses SEGV in its garbage collector */
      > {SIGSEGV, "SEGV", TRUE},
      > #endif
      > How can a garbage collector use SEGV and still handle real errors
      > properly? With this change a SEGV would trigger the garbage collector
      > and then what? Crash-loop?

      When GC traverses heap or stack, it uses SIGSEGV as a sign that it
      reached the end of allocated memory. Unfortunately it assumes that the
      host application will not want to handle SIGSEGV itself. If the
      application receives genuine SIGSEGV it will follow the normal
      procedure with "core dumped" etc..

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