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67157Re: Update for MzScheme interface

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Nov 20, 2012
      Sergey Khorev wrote:

      > Attached is an update for MzScheme interface. It features:
      > * Improved interaction with garbage collector in newer versions of
      > Racket: leaving SIGSEGV to GC, references to buffer/windows are now
      > truly uncollectable.
      > * Simplified and cleaned up macros: now Vim uses the latest API and
      > compatibility macros allow to use older versions of MzScheme.
      > Previously we used macros that made new API look like an older one.
      > * eval function of the interface is now able to convert Vim funcrefs
      > into Scheme functions

      That's a big patch. I'll await if someone has comments.

      This looks weird:

      -#ifdef SIGSEGV
      +#if defined(SIGSEGV) && !defined(FEAT_MZSCHEME)
      + /* MzScheme uses SEGV in its garbage collector */
      {SIGSEGV, "SEGV", TRUE},

      How can a garbage collector use SEGV and still handle real errors
      properly? With this change a SEGV would trigger the garbage collector
      and then what? Crash-loop?

      Don't read everything you believe.

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