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67121Re: Implementation of script support for non-uniform tabstops

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  • Nick Gravgaard
    Nov 18, 2012
      > > I am aware that elastic tabstops is not something many people use
      > > (yet). Still, for me it is a very nice feature to use with a gedit
      > > plugin, but since my favourite editor is vim, I was hoping that
      > > support for this might appear here, in the form of introducing
      > > non-uniform tabstop support.
      > A quick search of this list tells me that there is a patch for elastic
      > tabstops floating around.

      I'd love to see elastic tabstops get added to Vim, but if it's not going to get added to the main code base, could we at least have the ability to set non-uniform tabstops on different lines? Many text widgets have this functionality now, so it's a shame that Vim cannot do this yet. Not only would this make elastic tabstops easier to implement, but it would also be useful for the implementation of many other table and layout related features.


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