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67115Implementation of script support for non-uniform tabstops

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  • T. Banner
    Nov 17, 2012
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      Hello, dear community.

      I have recently been in contact with Nick Gravgaard, the developer of elastic tabstops (http://nickgravgaard.com/elastictabstops/). When I asked him whether or not this idea might be implemented in VIM, he told me that the main obstacle was that, to quote him directly:
      "Unfortunately, as far as I know VIM does not provide a way for vim scripts to set non-uniform tabstops on different lines, which is a pre-requisite for a good implementation of elastic tabstops."

      He went on to say that:
      "The best strategy would be to ask for the ability to set non-uniform tabstops on different lines, rather than asking for elastic tabstops specifically. This functionality allows elastic tabstops to be implemented but can also be used to implement many other features."

      I am aware that elastic tabstops is not something many people use (yet). Still, for me it is a very nice feature to use with a gedit plugin, but since my favourite editor is vim, I was hoping that support for this might appear here, in the form of introducing non-uniform tabstop support.

      Since my programming skills are below pathetic, I can't really contribute anything, but was hoping someone with more knowledge about the VIM source code might.

      All the best,

      Thomas Banner

      PS: Thanks for keeping such a wonderful editor alive.

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