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67003Re: vim.vim organization

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  • Kartik Agaram
    Nov 1 12:53 AM
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      > You're likely looking at the "automatically generated keyword lists";
      > vimCommands are generated automatically. The keywords are sorted in the
      > usual ascending alphabetical order with 100 keywords per line.

      Yeah I see the comments now that these lines are auto-generated:

      syn keyword vimCommand contained abc[lear] argdo argu[ment]
      bel[owright] bN[ext] ...
      syn keyword vimCommand contained abo[veleft] arge[dit] as[cii]
      bf[irst] bo[tright] ...
      syn keyword vimCommand contained al[l] argg[lobal] bad[d] bl[ast]
      bp[revious] ...

      Each of them is internally in alphabetical order. But how are the
      boundaries between lines decided? They're all keyword vimCommand.

      Also, is the generator in the repo?

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