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67000Re: vim.vim organization

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  • Charles E Campbell Jr
    Oct 31, 2012
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      Kartik Agaram wrote:
      > I notice many keywords in runtime/syntax/vim.vim are split across
      > multiple lines. For example, I assume all the lines beginning with
      > "syn keyword vimCommand" could logically be assumed to be a single
      > (very long) command. Is that accurate?
      > If this is correct, I'm curious if there's some pattern to how they
      > are organized. It seems each line is in alphabetical order. But
      > there's a's in each line. Is there some way to decide which line each
      > keyword goes to?
      > Or am I just over-thinking things? :)
      You're likely looking at the "automatically generated keyword lists";
      vimCommands are generated automatically. The keywords are sorted in the
      usual ascending alphabetical order with 100 keywords per line.

      C Campbell

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