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66980Re: Weird behavior after ^ or ´

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  • Jürgen Krämer
    Oct 29, 2012
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      Jürgen Krämer wrote:
      > Christian Brabandt wrote:
      >> On Di, 30 Okt 2012, Ben Schmidt wrote:
      >>> On 30/10/12 2:40 AM, Jürgen Krämer wrote:
      >>>> Hi,
      >>>> Christian Brabandt wrote:
      >>>>> On Mon, October 29, 2012 16:17, Axel wrote:
      >>>>>> "s" makes the cursor move to the beginning of the line(!) changing the
      >>>>>> character found there (hence the "$" sign). Also, the character "^" is in
      >>>>>> fact not displayed.
      >>>>> And how do you start Vim? Did you test with vim -u NONE -U NONE -N
      >>>>> Does cl work like s (it should, since s is an alias to cl)?
      >>>> this behavior does not depend on using cl or s. The bug lies in ignoring
      >>>> the caret in insert mode and using it later before executing the next
      >>>> command. It seems that only every other (dead-letter) caret is inserted
      >>>> even if it is followed by a space.
      >>> Caret is not a dead letter for me. So is this bug locale-dependent?
      >> It is for a German layout usually. But I can't reproduce it. And
      >> possibly also compiler or architecture (32/64bit) dependent.
      > yesterday, with the example given by Alex I could reproduce it on every
      > try. Today I tried to construct another example, but it worked only
      > randomly -- sometimes pressing the caret (or apostrophe or backtick) key
      > followed by one or more presses of the space bar produced the correct
      > character immediately, sometimes it was postponed until the next
      > non-space key was pressed. When it was a letter that could be combined
      > with the respective accent (like "a" or "e") this was done, in other
      > cases like "m" or "," the caret and the letter were inserted separately.
      > I had a look at the source code in gui_w48.c and gui_w32.c, but I could
      > not determine where the dead letter key and the following key are
      > combined into one character and wether this actually has to be done by
      > the application or if it's done by Windows.

      additional observation: whenever the caret is not inserted after pressing
      the space bar and I use the mouse to switch to another program that allows
      input, pressing the space bar there results in the caret being inserted.
      It seems Gvim does not remove the dead letters from the input queue at the
      correct moment.

      A similar behavior can be seen if, e.g., in Notepad one presses the caret
      key, immediately switches to another program by using the mouse, and then
      presses the space bar: the caret is inserted in the other program, but I
      guess this is to be expected.


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