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66976Re: Weird behavior after ^ or ´

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  • Jürgen Krämer
    Oct 29, 2012

      Jürgen Krämer wrote:
      > I can confirm this behavior on Vim 7.3.1-712 on Windows 7, compiled with
      > MS-C 16.0.40219.1 (i.e., Visual Studio 2008), although it only seems to
      > happen of every other input of "^".
      > The caret is a dead-letter key and is ignored although a space is pressed
      > afterwards. It seems to be kept in the input buffer, though, and is
      > finally used when "s" is pressed, leading to a movement to the start of
      > line and starting insert mode at the wrong position.
      > The dollar sign you see in Alex' example is the one displayed at the end
      > of the changed text if "$" is included in 'cpo'.

      additional note: I could only reproduce this in GVim.


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