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66968Re: Weird behavior after ^ or ´

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Oct 29, 2012
      On Mon, October 29, 2012 11:21, Axel wrote:
      > Since some patches (right now at 7.3.712) I experience the following
      > behavior ([] denotes the cursor position, the character after the arrow
      > the input):
      > a[a]aa -> a
      > aa[]aa -> <spc>
      > aa []aa -> ^
      > aa []aa -> <spc> " Should result in "aa ^[]aa"
      > aa []aa -> <esc>
      > aa[ ]aa -> s " gA shows 0x20
      > []$a aa " Should result in "aa[]$aa"
      > This seems to be a bug. Can anyone verify this (Windows 7 64 bit;
      > MinGW-compiled (64-bit))?
      > Addendum: This also seems to happen with apostrophes.

      I am not sure, I understand your description, e.g. What are you
      typing after the s key (possibly the dollar)? Is Vim really not
      showing the caret (^) after the space? Why do you have a $ sign there?

      And I can't reproduce this issue on Windows (but 32bit, Cream installer)


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