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66818Re: Feature Request: A special value for softtabstop that makes it equal to tabstop

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Oct 17, 2012
      On Wed, October 17, 2012 02:04, Gary Johnson wrote:
      > I know we want to avoid option bloat, but I really hate "special"
      > values, especially ones as non-obvious as these.
      > How about instead a new boolean option, 'tabbind'? When off,
      > 'shiftwidth', 'tabstop' and 'softtabstop' are all independent. When
      > on, all those values are set to that of the last one set.
      > For example, if 'tabbind' is on when the user sets 'tabstop', both
      > 'shiftwidth' and 'softtabstop' are also set to the new value of
      > 'tabstop'. The user doesn't have to remember what "-1" means or
      > which option needs to be set last to affect the others.

      I tend to not agree. I don't like having yet another option plus once
      we have this option, someone wants this to be local to buffer or someone
      want to have 'sw' follow 'ts' but not 'sts'.

      I think it is easier, if we just document the special behaviour of
      using 0 or -1 or whatever value we agree about.

      Users that care to customize, can read about the special values in the
      documentation, which they have to do anyhow. If they don't care, they use
      whatever their disro or filetype plugin provides and then it is no
      problem, that the values are not obvious.


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