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66809Re: Feature Request: A special value for softtabstop that makes it equal to tabstop

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  • Andy Wokula
    Oct 16, 2012
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      Am 17.10.2012 00:53, schrieb So8res:
      >> Er, again, what's the deal with sts=-1 ?
      > sts=-1 would mean that sts takes on the same value as the shiftwidth.
      > This means you can change your shiftwidth and have the softtabstop
      > change automatically. I (and I imagine most users with sts on) want
      > the softtabstop to be one shiftwidth wide, but I often forget to
      > update it.
      > The most common use case is deleting multiple spaces at a time.
      > Imagine &sw=4 and &sts=4 and you have a file with 'expand' tab. You
      > 'set sw=8'. Now when your cursor is sitting behind 16 spaces and you
      > hit backspace you expect 8 spaces to be deleted, but only 4 are
      > deleted because you forgot to update 'sts'. This is incredibly
      > annoying.
      >> So is sw=-1 (not needed, for consistency).
      > sw=0 has a similar effect to sts=-1, i.e. sw=0 makes sw take on the
      > same value as tabstop. It's a bit strange to have one start falling
      > back on the '-1' value and the other on the '0' value, which is why I
      > put the second patch up; it makes sw behave a little more consistently
      > with sts. I'm not sure it's a good idea, but it's something to think
      > about.

      There is another option, what about
      with effective shiftwidth = 4? I think 'shiftwidth' has a stronger
      connection to 'softtabstop' than to 'tabstop' ... Is it useful to get
      an effective shiftwidth of 8 in this case?

      If not then negative values for sw / sts should be avoided.

      But you have to change 'softtabstop' instead of 'shiftwidth'.


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