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66727Re: Race condition when switching to ex-commands

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  • oliver
    Oct 8, 2012
      ZyX <zyx.vim <at> gmail.com> writes:

      > > If I wait until the ":" is in status bar, it's there.
      > > It is not forgotten.
      > Following one of suggested explanations: typing colon and nothing: keyboard
      interrupt is not overriden.
      > > If I type faster, then it seems to be forgotten.
      > Typing faster: keyboard interrupt is overriden.
      > > If it would be forgotten because of slow system,
      > > it would also be, if I just type this ":" and nothing more.
      > False.
      > > Normally there is a buffer in the system.
      > > Things don't get lost.
      > > They just be available later.
      > > So I think there is a true vim problem.
      > Type that fast in terminal without vim (if using terminal vim) or in other GTK
      app (if using gvim). If you
      > don’t observe the same problem you may suggest it is a true vim problem. I
      reread your messages and did not
      > see you saying you checked typing *exactly the same characters with roughly
      the same speed* in other
      > application, only
      > > Of course other programs may have that problem too...
      > . Without testing this you have no reasons to blame vim and write here.

      I never experienced something like that outside vim.

      To follow the "testing procedure" I just tested it again
      and the result is: this does not happen in my shell it does only happen when
      using vim.

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