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66726Re: Race condition when switching to ex-commands

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  • ZyX
    Oct 8, 2012
      > If I wait until the ":" is in status bar, it's there.
      > It is not forgotten.
      Following one of suggested explanations: typing colon and nothing: keyboard interrupt is not overriden.
      > If I type faster, then it seems to be forgotten.
      Typing faster: keyboard interrupt is overriden.

      > If it would be forgotten because of slow system,
      > it would also be, if I just type this ":" and nothing more.

      > Normally there is a buffer in the system.
      > Things don't get lost.
      > They just be available later.
      > So I think there is a true vim problem.
      Type that fast in terminal without vim (if using terminal vim) or in other GTK app (if using gvim). If you don’t observe the same problem you may suggest it is a true vim problem. I reread your messages and did not see you saying you checked typing *exactly the same characters with roughly the same speed* in other application, only

      > Of course other programs may have that problem too...

      . Without testing this you have no reasons to blame vim and write here.

      If you are using terminal vim, there is another way to check whether it is a vim problem: use screen which may stuff characters to vim at the fastest possible speed (really making them available in stdin at once):

      screen -d -m -S vim-test vim
      screen -S vim-test -p 0 -X stuff ':test-characters'
      screen -r vim-test

      . With gvim you may do the same with

      gvim --echo-wid | read DUMMY VID
      xdotool type --delay 1ms :test-characters

      (you may use xdotool with normal vim as well if you want, it is universal. But you then can’t distinguish between situation “terminal emulator looses characters” and “vim looses characters”, screen provides its own terminal emulator that does not receive keys from X).

      I have never seen vim loosing anything, neither did my system (most of the time heavy load here == heavy IO load, rarely 5-or-more-threaded (4 cores, 4+1 as suggested by handbook, sometimes simultaneous installs) compilation of something (rarely as it is less threaded unless I want the software right now)).

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