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66725Re: Race condition when switching to ex-commands

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  • oliver
    Oct 8, 2012
      Gary Johnson <garyjohn <at> spocom.com> writes:

      > On 2012-10-06, Oliver wrote:
      > > So I have to wait until the ":" can be seen,
      > > which means it stops me in my flow.
      > > I would await that what I type is buffered, and processed
      > > one char after the next.
      > >
      > > Is this a known issue?
      > > Is it already planned to fix this?
      > > If not: can this please be added to the bug-list?
      > I'm currently seeing some kind of race involving the termresponse
      > and some other event(s) that occur during startup.

      Thank you for exploring the problem.

      I hope you can locate and fix it.

      It would be of great help.

      > If you are seeing another manifestation of this same problem, you
      > might try putting
      > set t_RV=
      > early in your ~/.vimrc and see if that helps.

      I can try it. Thanks.


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