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66723Re: Race condition when switching to ex-commands

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  • Gary Johnson
    Oct 7, 2012
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      On 2012-10-06, Oliver wrote:
      > Hello,
      > this issue has annoyd me since a long time,
      > I wonder if nobody else has had a problem with it.
      > When I have opened a file and want to do things like
      > : set ai
      > and then type my text,
      > if I tyoe fast and don't wait until the ":" appears in the status line,
      > I will be in insert mode and type my text then,
      > without the command being executed.
      > Then one of the possible insert commands following the
      > ":" (s, a, i) will be accepted by vim.
      > So, somehow it looks like the input is not processed
      > character by character, but somehow by likelyhood.
      > As if the input buffer is discarded and possibly
      > only the "a" for append or one of the other edit-commands
      > is used then.
      > This problem is annoying especially on slow machines or when
      > I use syntax on, because this somehow seems to eat up performance
      > and makes the problem popping up.
      > So I have to wait until the ":" can be seen,
      > which means it stops me in my flow.
      > I would await that what I type is buffered, and processed
      > one char after the next.
      > Is this a known issue?
      > Is it already planned to fix this?
      > If not: can this please be added to the bug-list?

      I'm currently seeing some kind of race involving the termresponse
      and some other event(s) that occur during startup. It think it has
      to do with the slowness of the connection between the X server on my
      desktop and the machine I work on in the back room. I don't think
      many developers have this sort of setup so I figure it's up to me to
      diagnose the problem. I just haven't had the time to do so.

      If you are seeing another manifestation of this same problem, you
      might try putting

      set t_RV=

      early in your ~/.vimrc and see if that helps.


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