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66722Re: Race condition when switching to ex-commands

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Oct 7, 2012
      On 06/10/12 14:27, Oliver wrote:
      > Hello,
      > this issue has annoyd me since a long time,
      > I wonder if nobody else has had a problem with it.
      > When I have opened a file and want to do things like
      > : set ai
      > and then type my text,
      > if I tyoe fast and don't wait until the ":" appears in the status line,
      > I will be in insert mode and type my text then,
      > without the command being executed.
      > Then one of the possible insert commands following the
      > ":" (s, a, i) will be accepted by vim.
      > So, somehow it looks like the input is not processed
      > character by character, but somehow by likelyhood.
      > As if the input buffer is discarded and possibly
      > only the "a" for append or one of the other edit-commands
      > is used then.
      > This problem is annoying especially on slow machines or when
      > I use syntax on, because this somehow seems to eat up performance
      > and makes the problem popping up.
      > So I have to wait until the ":" can be seen,
      > which means it stops me in my flow.
      > I would await that what I type is buffered, and processed
      > one char after the next.
      > Is this a known issue?
      > Is it already planned to fix this?
      > If not: can this please be added to the bug-list?
      > Thanks in Advance,
      > Oliver
      It is not necessarily a Vim problem. It could be a human problem (typing
      so fast you hit beside the colon key), a hardware problem (if the
      keyboard fails to see some of the keys you hit) or a firmware or system
      software problem (if the keyboard driver in the BIOS ROM or in your OS
      kernel fails to see some keyhits). This has happened to me with many
      programs (not only Vim) especially under conditions of heavy system
      load. For instance it has happened to me to type a full line "blind"
      into SeaMonkey Mail before it suddenly appeared. Sometimes a letter was
      missing haphazardly here and there.

      One possible reason (I imagine) for not seeing a key could be a load so
      heavy (maybe due to heavy swapping in and out of virtual memory) that
      the OS doesn't get the time to handle a keyboard interrupt before the
      next keyboard interrupt arrives, wiping the unhandled one.

      Best regards,
      "I'd love to go out with you, but the man on television told me to say

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