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66295[PATCH] Documentation for setreg() and expression register

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  • Ingo Karkat
    Sep 2, 2012
      Hello Vim developers,

      In a plugin, I want to avoid that a :put =var command clobbers the expression
      register, so I save this via getreg('=', 1). I realized that I couldn't use
      setreg() to restore the expression register, but assignment via :let @= = var
      works just fine. Is this disallowed for setreg() because both the "append to
      register" functionality and the regtype argument don't make sense here?

      I think it would be helpful to hint at the possibility of using :let @=;
      otherwise, people might assume that restoring the expression register value
      isn't possible at all.

      diff -r c0ac5ba66243 runtime/doc/eval.txt
      --- a/runtime/doc/eval.txt Wed Aug 29 18:50:54 2012 +0200
      +++ b/runtime/doc/eval.txt Sun Sep 02 14:38:27 2012 +0200
      @@ -5253,8 +5253,9 @@

      If {options} contains no register settings, then the default
      is to use character mode unless {value} ends in a <NL>.
      - Setting the '=' register is not possible.
      - Returns zero for success, non-zero for failure.
      + Setting the '=' register is not possible, but you can use >
      + :let @= = var_expr
      +< Returns zero for success, non-zero for failure.

      Examples: >
      :call setreg(v:register, @*)

      -- regards, ingo

      -- Ingo Karkat -- /^-- /^-- /^-- /^-- /^-- /^-- http://ingo-karkat.de/ --
      -- http://vim.sourceforge.net/account/profile.php?user_id=9713 --

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