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66294Re: pyeval() error

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  • ZyX
    Sep 2, 2012
      > This the purpose of pyeval() and py3eval() functions which came with
      > a recent patch (by Zyx).

      Not exactly. Try to transfer a few hundred KiBs with json.dumps and with my interface and you will see the difference. Self-written dumper is much, much slower as it is not written in C and it was necessary to make it able to get even more information from time to time. That was the real purpose as dumper is trivial and easy to write (though vim.bindeval interface solves custom dumpers problem as well).

      By the way, why almost everybody says that it were pyeval functions that were added in first place? Main change is vim.bindeval as you can write code like

      def return_to_vim(value):
      if hasattr(vim, 'bindeval'):
      vim.eval('extend(d, {"result": '+dumps(value)+'})')
      and be compatible with old versions of vim. pyeval() does not allow you to do it so easily (though I can imagine Pyeval function that works in old vims as well, it is more to type). pyeval() is slightly faster, but it is negligible and constant difference.

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