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66289RE: pyeval() error

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  • Sean Estabrooks
    Sep 1, 2012
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      > > Prior to pyeval() function I was using
      > >
      > > vim.command("let dict=%s" % python_dict)
      > I used json.dumps and a self-written dumper for this job. The above code is one of the worst ideas that could go into your head:

      This seems a little harsh. The above code is convenient and rather straightforward. Shouldn't we find a way to make it work?

      > 1. (string % tuple_or_value) notation is deprecated.
      > 2. “"%s" % {u'«»': 1}” produces “{u'\xab\xbb': 1}” which can’t be handled in vim.
      > 3. “"%s" % {'«»': 1}” produces “{'\xc2\xab\xc2\xbb': 1}” which is not handled by vim in a proper way.
      > 4. There is a bunch of other things calling __repl__ on which will result in something vim won’t understand, but in this case vim won’t even understand simple unicode or utf-8 encoded strings as shown above.
      > json.dumps minimizes the amount of problematic things (including converting keys to strings) and throws an exception if it can’t handle something, my interface does this as well. I do not do some type conversions that json.dumps does, json.dumps fails to handle some things which I handle (“pyeval('vim.current.buffer')” produces same output as “getline(1, '$')”, but “json.dumps(vim.current.buffer)” fails).
      > Self-written dumper was used to get binary data: “json.dumps('\x80')” throws an exception while vim is fine with just having it embedded inside a string.

      Obviously it would be much better if everyone who is using python inside of Vim doesn't have to write their own custom code to transfer these values.  Do you have a plan in this regard or is this an open problem?


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