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66181Re: [Patch] Re: 'backupcopy' and Windows Vista symbolic links

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  • Ken Takata
    Aug 24, 2012
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      2012/08/23 Thu 4:29:47 UTC+9 Ian Halliday:
      > I just ran into this problem for a second time in the last year, having forgotten how to fix it since last time, had to look everything up again. A fix in the main branch would be great to have.

      Good timing. I also found this problem a few days ago.
      I tried to write my own patch but it didn't work well. :-<

      Then I found your post and tried David's patch.
      It seems that the patch works well but I found a little problem.
      This is an updated patch.

      The differences from David's patch are:
      1. Fix memory leakage in win32_file_is_symbolic_link().
      2. Use mch_stat() to implement mch_getperm().
      (His implementation on Google Code does not support multibyte characters.)
      3. Add support for "breakhardlink" and "breaksymlink".
      4. Change the name of some functions.

      Best regards,
      Ken Takata

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