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65976Re: Using as a leader key breaks 'Does not trigger the InsertLeave autocommand event'

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  • Ben Fritz
    Aug 1, 2012
      On Wednesday, August 1, 2012 10:25:57 AM UTC-5, mattn wrote:
      > Sorry for top post. And sorry, I'm talking about this without making
      > sure the behavour.
      > I wonder why you are trying to get InsertLeave with nnoremap. I
      > beleave that leader <c-c> afect to insert mode at the first. So I'm
      > thinking it should be inoremap to do that.

      I think the problem is that the OP DOESN'T want the InsertLeave autocmd to fire, so he uses <C-C> to exit insert mode. The docs say <C-C> should exit insert mode without firing the autocmd. If I understand correctly, with <C-C> as part of the LHS of a *normal mode* mapping, exiting Insert mode with <C-C> DOES trigger the autocmd.

      I also confirm this behavior. I would expect that a <C-C> mapping in normal mode has no effect on behavior of insert mode, but in this case, it does.

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