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65953Re: [patch] added ":e ~user " completion

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  • Dominique Pellé
    Jul 29, 2012
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      Dominique Pellé <dominique.pelle@...> wrote:

      > Dominique Pellé wrote:
      >> Hi
      >> Attached patch fixes the following item in in ":help todo":
      >> ===================================================
      >> ":e ~br<Tab>" does not complete to ":e /home/bram/". Would need to use
      >> getpwent() to find all the matches.
      >> ===================================================
      > Sorry. I noticed an inconsistency in my patch
      > between ":help command-complete" which
      > indicated the option "-complete=user" and
      > the code which expected "-complete users".
      > I fixed it in this new updated attached patch.
      > Regards
      > -- Dominique

      Here is yet another update of the patch.
      Previous patch broke completion when
      typing ":e ~user/dir<Tab>"

      It is be fixed in this updated patch.
      Sorry for the noise :-(

      -- Dominique

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