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65370Re: [doc] align columns when :set conceallevel=2

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  • Dominique PellĂ©
    Jun 2, 2012
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      Ken Takata <kentkt@...> wrote:

      > Hi
      > Columns in Vim's doc seem to be aligned with :set conceallevel=0,
      > but :set conceallevel=2 is the default now.
      > Attached patch will align columns with both settings (cole=0, 2)
      > by adding one or two white spaces between a word and a tab.
      > Regards,
      > Ken Takata

      Hi Ken

      I don't think that we should apply this patch, it mixes spaces an tabs.
      So your patch makes it aligned with conceal feature, but misaligned
      without conceal feature.

      The reasons for misalignments was discussed in recent threads:


      Misalignment happens because of a bug in conceal code for which
      there is a pending patch, which fixes, among other things, alignment
      regardless of conceal settings).

      Problem is listed in ":help todo.txt":

      === :help todo.txt ===
      'cursorline' is displayed too short when there are concealed characters and
      'list' is set. (Dennis Preiser)
      Patch 7.3.116 was the wrong solution.
      Christian Brabandt has another incomplete patch. (2011 Jul 13)
      Also: Alignment in help with tabs gets messed up, esp. at ":help index".
      Probably need to make a tab work like there was no concealing. Possibly with
      an option. Like line wrapping works as if there is no concealing.
      Patch by Dominique Pelle, Also fixes "fC" problem.
      "fC" doesn't position the cursor correctly when there are concealed
      characters. Patch by Christian Brabandt, 2011 Oct 11)

      -- Dominique

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